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Naturally versatile – this is how the ceramic facade of TONALITY® presents itself. With a wide range of colours, surfaces and formats, there is no limit to the design of facades. Their low dead weight allows for a light substructure as well as flexible and quick installation. In all, the high-quality ceramic facades is simply efficient.


Why Tonality?

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Lifetime Color Fidelity &  UV Protection

TONALITY®'s high temperature firing, gives their ceramic elements an unparalleled smooth and dense surface. The integrated graffiti protection in combination with the life-long colour fastness and UV resistance allow TONALITY® facades to remain radiant from the first day to the last. In addition, the ceramic facade is dirt-repellent, counteracting moss or algae forming and it is not affected by any environmental or weathering influences.

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Value Creation at Every Stage

Protecting the environment and preserving resources is important and now even easier to achieve: Upon your request, TONALITY® will collect the pallets, foils and Big Packs filled with residual tiles. Returns or tile breakages are fed into the innovative recycling loop of LEIPFINGER-BADER. This is how a reusable material of value is turned into added value. And you into a co-environmentalist.

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Fine Design Surfaces

TONALITY® ceramic elements are as versatile as your ideas. No matter whether you focus on colour, structure or sophisticated appearance – thanks to unique shards and state-of-the-art design surfaces, your desired facade will come true with TONALITY®. The integrated graffiti protection as well as the lasting colour and UV protection will give TONALITY® facades their life-long intenseness.

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 Ventilated Facade

Given the structural separation of the heat insulation and weather protection functions, a ventilated facade is per se a highly efficient system. This is why the air circulates between the facade cladding and the insulation and thus automatically and reliably removes any existing moisture. If a wall „breathes“, the ceramic facade of TONALITY® is the appropriate solution.

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(Not) a Question of Format

Your project is unique – your ceramic facade of TONALITY® is too. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and longstanding expertise in ceramics, we are able to supply ceramic elements in a format which is precise to the exact millimetre. No matter if high or cross, all ceramic elements are individually produced and assembled for your project. TONALITY® facades are planned and realised precisely according to your wishes just like a tailor-made suit – without any compromises.

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Two Systems, One Simple Installation

TONALITY® facade systems consist of ceramic elements that are profiled on the backside and interlock with vertical aluminium profiles. What may sound complicated is in practice actually very simple: mount and done. No clamps or visible fastening. Whether crosswise or upright, whether from bottom to top, from right to left or the other way round, the adaptive system (ADS) as well as the base clinch rail system (BAS) are absolutely flexible. 

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1 600 x 400 mm

Standard Dimensions

2000 x 600 mm

300 x 150 mm

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