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Energy efficiency is more important than ever. 30% of energy waste is caused by loss through the building envelope, and air tightness codes around the world are demanding a fix. We’re here to help with solutions that protect better, last longer and install easier so you can meet the standards that lead to energy savings. 3M membranes and tapes use their acrylic adhesive technology to perform in the toughest conditions on the tightest deadlines – giving you faster installation with less labor and better results.

Why Dizal?

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HD Printing

High-definition digital inkjet printing is used to create photographic reproductions of a wide range of textures and outstanding color variations.

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UV Barrier

Z-clear coat is applied to provide long-term, minimum 25 year, protection against UV rays and fading.

Easy Install

Dizal’s system is made up of panels and rails allowing for a fast and easy installation.

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Recognized as the industry’s first choice for its exceptional durability. (Non-combustible, non-corrosive)

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Cellular PVC

Cellular PVC plank. A rigid and durable material with superior wind, hail and impact resistance.

3M™ Air Barrier with Permeable Backing 3015VP

Designed to prevent water penetration while allowing your building to breathe.

3M™ Air and Vapor Barrier 3015NP

Engineered to help control indoor climate by reducing air leakage and uncontrolled airflow through the building envelope and preventing moisture ingress.

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