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High Performance Skylights


Lamilux is a European leader in high performance skylights and daylights solutions, products offerings range from individual residential units up through fully engineered custom applications. 

Why Lamilux?

LAMILUX has established itself over a century as a leader in inspiring customers with innovative products and tailored solutions, prioritizing customer needs at the core of its entrepreneurial philosophy. This focus is reflected in LAMILUX's competitive advantages: leadership in quality, innovation, service, expertise, and bespoke problem-solving capabilities. The company commits to delivering technically complex solutions with best-of-breed performance and premium quality in targeted markets, ensuring a significant market share through exceptional reliability and responsiveness to customer wishes. LAMILUX's dedication to exceeding customer expectations and fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships is powered by a culture of excellence among its employees and a keen awareness of its environmental responsibilities. The organizational structure of LAMILUX is designed to promote a customer-centric, entrepreneurial approach, facilitating a seamless collaboration across departments to achieve strategic goals and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Product Highlights

lami product 1.jpg


The LAMILUX FE skylights, with an aluminum frame, are customizable for BIM, CAD, and product data, boasting awards for their aesthetic and classical design. Certified to Passivhaus phC, they offer a variety of sizes, glazing types, and are designed for thermal efficiency, soundproofing, and durability. BIM-ready and easy to install, these skylights feature innovative thermo-active construction and GRP upstands for enhanced thermal integration, certified for safety by the German Institute for Construction Technology.

Lamilux FE Circular - Photo.jpg

LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE Circular

The LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE Circular, a round flat roof window with an aluminium frame, offers comfort with features like self-cleaning upstands and natural ventilation. It's pre-assembled, BIM-ready, and ensures safety with fall-through protection and optional anti-burglary classes. With a variety of colors and seamless upstands for water drainage, it achieves energy efficiency through multiple glazing options, excellent airtightness, and superior thermal insulation, making it a thermal bridge-free solution with intelligent ventilation controls.

Lamilux PR60 Photo 1.jpg

The LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 combines design flexibility and energy efficiency in a robust aluminum frame, offering custom shapes and seamless integration with photovoltaic and building control systems. Weather-resistant and certified as a Passive House Component, it’s the epitome of eco-friendly architectural elegance.

LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60

roof hatch.jpeg

Awarded the German Design Award 2020, the LAMILUX Flat Roof Exit Comfort Swing offers hydraulic glass opening for enhanced roof access and daylight. This customizable solution includes energy-efficient glazing, safety features like emergency stops, and an innovative design with a self-cleaning inclined upstand for optimal insulation and convenience.

LAMILUX Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Swing

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