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Terracotta Panels

Tonality specializes in producing terracotta facades, emphasizing aesthetic versatility and functionality. Their products are lightweight, ensuring ease of installation and compatibility with various structural supports, while meeting rigorous standards in design, fire protection, and durability, reflecting a commitment to quality and efficiency in architectural solutions.

Why Tonality?

Tonality's terracotta facades are celebrated for their color fastness, environmental resilience, and come with a 30-year warranty, promising durability and reduced maintenance. The installation is efficient and cost-effective, fostering architectural creativity. These facades withstand harsh conditions, evidenced by international earthquake tests and high wind pressure resistance, ensuring safety and longevity. Additionally, their light weight simplifies installation and structural integration. Tonality's environmental commitment is evident in their certified sustainability practices, making their terracotta systems an environmentally responsible and aesthetically adaptable choice for modern construction.


Tonality Surfaces and Shapes

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TONALITY facades offer more than aesthetic appeal, with a vast array of colors and designs. We specialize in crafting surface finishes, utilizing the TONALITY sinter firing process to achieve exceptionally smooth and compact surfaces. TONALITY ranges includes numerous standard finishes, and we welcome discussions about bespoke designs. At TONALITY, every solution, whether standard or custom, is meticulously organized and executed.

Tonality Colors

The versatility of TONALITY®'s terracotta facades matches the diversity of your concepts, offering a wide range of colors, textures, and innovative designs through advanced printing technology. These facades are not only aesthetically versatile but also durable, with built-in graffiti protection, color stability, and UV resistance, ensuring a lasting, distinctive identity for your building.

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Product Highlight: Design Collection

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2000 x 600 mm

Standard Dimensions

300 x 150 mm

1,600 x 400 mm

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Screenshot (249)_edited.jpg

Every facade is like a tailor-made suit – Flexibility of design begins with flexibility of shape and size. TONALITY facade tiles can be produced precisely, to within one millimeter from 300 x 150 mm up to 1,600 x 400 mm. Whether standard or special solution, at TONALITY everything is simply made to measure.

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