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Fire Stopping Applications

For half a century, Siderise has dedicated itself to enhancing global building safety with its advanced passive fire protection solutions, complemented by exceptional technical knowledge in crafting cutting-edge insulation for fire, sound, and thermal uses worldwide. The company's top-tier product lines are the preferred choice in skyscrapers, construction, building services, OEM, and various sectors, thanks to their unmatched technical acumen and distinctive manufacturing techniques, making Siderise the go-to producer for numerous leading corporations across the world.

Why Siderise?

Siderise excels as a leader in passive fire protection and insulation, offering innovative, tailored solutions for over 20 years in the UK and Middle East markets. Their diverse product range, free from commercial bias, meets stringent regulations and performance expectations. Known for market-leading fire performance and ease of installation, their products are third-party certified and optimized for practical application. Siderise's commitment extends to exceptional service, integrity in operations, and professional technical advice, further establishing their market leadership. With a focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, they ensure their offerings remain at the forefront of the industry, reinforcing their reputation for quality and reliability.

Rainscreen Cavity Barriers - Vertical

The Siderise RH/RV cavity barrier system is the premier selection for high-quality, effective ‘Rainscreen Cladding Cavity Barrier’ applications.

  • The 'RV' Cavity Barriers effectively bridge the gap between the external and internal layers of a structure, providing superior blockage against smoke and fire.

  • They ensure the operational efficiency of ventilated façades by creating airtight compartmentalization.

  • Ideal for vertical (full seal) installations.

  • Provides up to 120 minutes of fire protection and insulation.

  • Compliant with EN 1366-4 standards.

  • Certified by third parties (Certifire CF 6028 & IFC IFCC 1712).

The Siderise RV vertical cavity barriers stand out due to their unique stonewool lamella core structure, which adapts to the dynamic movements typical in rainscreen façades.

These barriers have gained third-party approval, specifically under 'Certifire' CF 6028, marking them as a trusted choice in the industry.

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Rainscreen Cavity Barriers - Horizontal 

The Siderise RH/RV cavity barrier system is recognized as the standard for leading, high-efficiency ‘Rainscreen Cladding Cavity Barrier’ applications.

  • Ensures unimpeded drainage and airflow within the external building structure, providing a robust seal against hot smoke and fire.

  • IFC Certified (IFCC 1712).

  • Facilitates continuous ventilation and drainage behind the rainscreen cladding.

  • Assessed according to ASFP TGD19 ‘Fire Resistance Test of Open State Cavity Barriers’ with principles from BS EN 1363-1 and BS EN 1366-4.

  • Offers up to 120 minutes of fire integrity.

  • Appropriate for horizontal (open void) applications; all horizontal barriers are color-coded for easy identification.

The Siderise RH ‘Open State’ horizontal cavity barriers include:

  • A continuous intumescent strip bonded to the edge, encapsulated within a weather-proof polymer film, sealing the installation gap between the barrier and the rear of the cladding upon fire exposure, in line with CWCT and NHBC standards for gaps up to 50mm.

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Rainscreen Cavity Barriers - Installation Guide 

Siderise Perimeter Firestop

Siderise Perimeter Firestop & Protected Spandrel Systems are integral to our dedication to enhancing building safety, offering advanced solutions for spandrel protection in curtain wall facades for more than ten years.

  • Incorporates the Siderise CW-FS Curtain Wall Firestops and Siderise CW-FB Curtain Wall Fire Board, tested in conjunction with standard non-fire rated curtain wall systems.

  • These components synergize to deliver a superior perimeter fire containment system, extending fire resistance from the floor to the curtain wall's rear and improving the fire performance of the perimeter firestop. This ensures the spandrel assembly's integrity and the curtain wall's stability are maintained.

  • Achieved 16 successful tests under EN-1364-4 and ASTM E 2307, with systems certified to provide up to 3 hours (EI 180) of fire protection.

  • The unique pairing of Siderise CW-FS and Siderise CW-FB is the sole passive fire protection system tested to BS EN 1364-4 (as of 17/10/22), including pre-test movement cycling of the firestop in line with EAD 350141-00-1106.

  • Siderise CW-FS features a special design with vertically aligned, pre-compressed internal fibers, allowing for façade movement while retaining fire performance capabilities.

  • Siderise CW-FB is specifically designed for the crucial spandrel area, enhancing protection for aluminium mullions.

  • Complies with the UAE Fire & Life Safety Code.

These systems provide a reliable and sophisticated perimeter fire containment approach, aimed at mitigating vertical fire spread in prevalent curtain wall constructions, thus ensuring regulatory adherence and aiding specifiers in achieving the highest safety standards.

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