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High Performance Doors & Windows


Amberline Windows specializes in providing eco-friendly and energy-efficient window, door, and storefront solutions. With advanced manufacturing facilities in Europe, the company offers high-quality products, utilizing components from renowned European manufacturers. Amberline targets mid-size, Passive House, and high-performance commercial building projects, emphasizing a commitment to improving the built environment and quality of living.

Why Amberline?

Amberline's products stand out for their thermal efficiency and high performance, making them ideal for passive house projects and as economical, eco-friendly solutions for both residential and commercial properties. They undergo stringent testing, evidenced by the dual certification from Q-Zert and P-Mark, ensuring ongoing compliance and excellence. The combination of high-quality glazing, innovative technology, and advanced production processes allows Amberline to offer customizable, top-tier products that meet rigorous performance standards.

uPVC Products

Energy Efficiency:

Uf (frame) = 0.229 BTU/hr.ft2.F (DAW)
Uw (24mm, double pane) = 0.229 BTU/hr.ft2.F (DAW)
Uw (40mm, triple pane) =  0.162 BTU/hr.ft2.F (DAW)

Air infiltration per ASTM E283 at 75 Pa: 0.01 L/s/m²

Amberline_PVC_76MM (2).png

Class A profile, lifelong durability, 6 chambers


Energy Efficiency:

Uf (frame) = 0.176 BTU/hr.ft2.F (DAW)
Uw (44mm, triple pane) = 0.133 BTU/hr.ft2.F (DAW)
Double pane option not available for this frame

Air infiltration per ASTM E283 at 75 Pa: 0.01 L/s/m²

Class A profile, lifelong durability, 7 chambers

Aluminum Products


Highly customizable system with thermal breaks made of an innovative new material. Suitable for PHIUS projects, MB-79N can be fit with three different levels of thermal insulation depending on project needs (E, ST, SI).

Aluminum Windows & Doors


The MB-59HS lift & slide door seamlessly connects indoor spaces with the outdoors, offering high thermal insulation and air tightness, and is customizable for different building types, including homes, hotels, and apartments.

Sliding Doors


The MB-79N from Aluprof offers versatile, economical window & door solutions with enhanced thermal insulation, including various configurations like fixed, tilt-and-turn windows, and single or double doors, with energy-efficient options like the MB-79N E, ST, and SI variants.

Sliding Doors

Non-thermally broken, this vestibule system is meant to provide a cost-effective solution to doors & storefronts already within the thermal envelope. This internal partition system can be fitted with doors, single-pane glass, and panel infills up to 25mm.


Vestibule Doors


The MB-86 FOLD LINE exterior folding door merges indoor and outdoor spaces like homes, cafés, and restaurants with the environment, offering flexibility, large structure capability, and inwards or outwards opening options to meet high user, architect, and owner demands.

Folding Doors

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