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ThermalWood Canada prides itself for being a leader in the thermal modification manufacturing of wood products. Their in-house thermal modification process has been studied for many years, yet is simple.

Their specially designed kiln heats the wood at a precise temperature, changing the characteristics of the wood to create a more robust product. 


Why Thermalwood?

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Environmental Responsibility 

ThermoWood® products are natural, chemical-free wood products that have a responsible lifecycle. 

During production process of ThermoWood energy is needed mainly for drying, which accounts for 80 % heat energy used. The total energy consumption is approximately 20 % higher than that of ordinary sawn timber drying process to 18 % moisture content. In most cases the energy is produced by burning bark and wood waste.

By-products generated during the production process can be used 
for energy generation or recycled as raw material for composite materials,
for example.

There are no chemicals added during the process allows the company to offer the consumer a green alternative solution in a diversified market.

Process gases released from the wood during the production process
are purified.

ThermoWood® products offer a long service life and they do not necessarily require maintenance.

When they reach the end of their service life, thermally modified timber products can be utilized in a manner similar to other timber. 


Enhanced Natural Performance

ThermoWood® is a wood material produced by using heat and steam. Thermal modification improves the wood’s technical properties in many ways:

  • Dimensional stability

  • Reduced equilibrium moisture content

  • Improved durability against decay

  • Reduced thermal conductivity

  • Resin removed

  • Consistent colour through the wood

  • Non toxic material

  • Reduced splitting strength

  • Slightly reduced bending strength

ThermalWood Canada also has the exclusive rights to manufacture state-of-the-art ClipJuAn clips. They accelerate the installation of the cladding and hardwood decking while concealing the attachment method and guaranteeing perfect spacing. The clips are made of POM (polyoxymethylene), which is one of the highest performing plastic on the market, the same to manufacture soles of ski boots.



ThermalWood Canada offers custom millwork to our customers, allowing them to order the exact profile that will make their dream home become a reality.



ThermalWood Canada’s wood decking products are the perfect solution for beautiful, durable decks.

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