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Thermally Modidfied Cladding

ThermalWood Canada provides an extensive selection of thermally modified wood suitable for various indoor and outdoor uses. Using a custom-designed kiln, ThermalWood Canada can thermally treat wood products. This kiln operates at precise temperatures that 'cook' the wood, enhancing certain desired properties.

Why Thermalwood?

Thermal modification imbues wood with a rich, deep charm that can be preserved using an oil-based UV-protectant stain. Without protection from UV exposure, the wood gracefully weathers into a stunning silver/gray patina, comparable to exotic and tropical hardwoods.

Thermally modified wood offers several advantages that make it an attractive choice for both indoor and outdoor applications:

  • Dimensional Stability: The process enhances the wood's density and durability, resulting in a harder wood with improved longevity.

  • Decreased Tension: Its reduced moisture absorption decreases the likelihood of warping, cupping, or twisting.

  • Reduced Expansion: It performs well in environments with fluctuating humidity, showing minimal expansion.

  • Rot Resistance: It is resistant to insects, wood rot, and fungal growth.

  • Paint Durability: There is improved paint durability with less flaking and peeling.

  • Enhanced Insulation: Provides better insulation, keeping decks cooler in the summer due to lower thermal conductivity.

  • Low Maintenance: Features a buttery-smooth finish that is splinter-free, lightweight, and easy to work with.

Moreover, as a green product free of chemicals, thermally modified wood is an environmentally friendly option that combines aesthetics with practicality and sustainability.

Thermalwood Siding


ThermalWood Canada's thermally modified hardwood siding utilizes the same technology as their Snap-To-It decking. The siding is designed with machined grooves on the back for easy installation using GRAD clips. Simply screw the clip to your strapping and snap the siding into place, potentially reducing installation time by up to 30%. If this method doesn't suit your needs, other fastening options are available. The siding comes with a 60-year warranty against rot and offers enhanced structural stability in humid conditions, along with improved insulation properties.


ThermalWood Canada's lumber is an excellent choice for siding needs, suitable for homes, cottages, and more. The lumber undergoes a heating and steaming process during manufacturing, making it perfect for durable and attractive siding in any environment.


ThermalWood Canada offers siding products in a variety of wood species, including but not limited to ash, maple, and birch.

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Thermalwood Decking


ThermalWood Canada's decking is crafted in North America, where it is sawn, dried, and thermally modified without chemicals. It is resistant to decay and comes with a 25-year warranty against rot. The wood offers enhanced structural stability in humid conditions and increased rot resistance. When treated with UV protection, it maintains its color; without treatment, it ages to a beautiful gray patina.


ThermalWood Canada's decking is ideal for all outdoor settings, including marine environments. The heat-treated wood offers enhanced weather resistance and dimensional stability, making it perfect for areas near water like pools, waterfronts, beaches, or any humid locations. The lumber is processed through heating and steaming, ensuring that it is suited for creating durable, long-lasting decks in any condition.


ThermalWood Canada provides a diverse array of decking products crafted from thermally modified ash, available in various styles.



ThermalWood Canada's Snap-To-It decking system utilizes unique Snap-To-It Clips for easy installation. These clips feature six harpoon tips for secure attachment beneath the deck planks, allowing them to snap into place effortlessly. The installation process emphasizes proper screw alignment without over-torquing to prevent clip damage. Key considerations include maintaining material out of direct sunlight and ensuring accurate alignment of clips along joist snap lines for optimal placement. This system is designed to enhance the stability and longevity of deck installations, ensuring a precise, durable fit with minimal maintenance.

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