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Structural Insulated Sheathing
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ROK-ON™ Building Systems focuses on materials science to create construction solutions that adhere to new energy, fire, and moisture regulations. Their innovative product is a fiberglass reinforced ceramic cement board, which is structural, non-combustible, and environmentally friendly, designed to streamline building processes.

Why ROK-ON™?

ROK-ON™ products distinguish themselves through rigorous testing, having excelled in over 63 ASTM tests, demonstrating unmatched performance and durability. These boards facilitate easier installation akin to conventional sheathing but offer advanced capabilities like direct fastener support for cladding, negating the need for expensive rail systems. ROK-ON™ enhances building efficiency and cost-effectiveness by potentially reducing necessary stud size or gauge, exceeding energy and fire code standards, and providing strong adherence for construction materials, making it an essential solution for modern construction needs.

Effortless Efficiency: The ROK-ON™ Installation Advantage

  1. Simplified Process

    • Reduces construction complexity by eliminating multiple steps.

    • One-layer solution meeting structural, insulation, and fire code requirements.

  2. Easy Handling and Storage

    • Panels are straightforward to off-load and store, requiring no special handling.

    • Horizontal storage on pallets prevents damage and contact with ground.

  3. Efficient Installation

    • Can be cut and shaped using common tools, no special requirements.

    • Direct attachment to wood or steel framing, facilitating quick and secure installation.

  4. Design Flexibility

    • Accommodates various architectural finishes, including stucco and brick/stone veneers.

    • Supports cladding attachment, providing significant design versatility.

  5. Durability and Performance

    • Non-combustible, water-resistant, impact-resistant, and prevents mold/mildew.

    • Provides superior insulation performance, exceeding North American building code requirements.

  6. Quality Assurance

    • Each panel stamped with a quality mark, ensuring compliance with stringent control standards.

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AIA Presentations of all products available upon request
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