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STACBOND is a division of STAC, leader in the composite panel market in Europe, which develops, produces and markets aluminum composite panels and specific structural components for the architecture, brand image and signage, industry and transport sectors.




Advanced Manufacturing 

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STACBOND has extensive manufacturing and development facilities equipped with the latest technology to ensure quality control and achieve an optimal final product.

STACBOND boasts the most advanced and complete composite panel factory in Europe:

  • Countertyping laboratory

  • Latest machining technology

  • Panel recycling plant

  • 4 CNC machining centres

  • 3 ACP lines

  • Coil coating line

STACBOND® composite panel is composed of two aluminium sheets and a mineral charge inner core. It has excellent mechanical properties, providing bending rigidity with reduced weight, surface flatness, durability and ease of maintenance. Excellent dimensional stability, and excellent weight surface value gives STACBOND the ability to produce panels with dimensions up to 2m without sacrificing any structural integrity. The panels have a high impact and UV resistance, making your design last. The system also provides a built in rainscreen which ​improves the thermal and acoustic insulation of a building.


Artistic Freedom and Precision

Able to produce any RAL color, and a variety of HD finishes, 

The panels can be made to be bent, punched, conformable, milled, embossed, and edge folded to create a more sleek look.


Attachment Systems

Capable of using 4 attachment systems: hung, male female, riveted or glued. Mounting method will be determined by your preferences or assessing the needs of your project. These systems enhance the assembly process and increase construction velocity leading to a better building - faster. 

Hanging assembly system with hidden fixings, especially suitable for facades with several openings and vertical modulations.

Male-famale assembly system with hidden fixings especially suitable for facades with few holes and horizontal modulations.

The riveted system is highly versatile assembly with visible fixings, which adapts perfectly to any architectural style.

The glued system is another highly versatile assembly system with hidden fixings, especially suitable for any architectural style and interior cladding.

Sustainably Focused

The core material is made from recycled material and product as a whole is totally recyclable. STACBOND recycles and reuses the aluminum composite material that is discarded during manufacturing, before being used in the panels that are eventually sold. Both the core and the aluminum are reintroduced into the production process, closing the cycle. This promotes a circular economy and gives the raw materials used a second chance, preventing unnecessary waste.

All STACBOND A2 and STACBOND FR products have obtained EPD certification. The Environmental Product Declaration is a document that establishes the environmental footprint of a product, from the beginning of its manufacturing process until it leaves the plant where it was made certifying their highly sustainable practices.

Stacbond Panel Layers.png
STACBOND Composite Panel

The STACBOND composite panel is a material composed of an outer and inner layer of aluminium and a core with several degrees of mineral charge:

• STACBOND A2 (non-combustible)

• STACBOND FR (fire retardant)

During the manufacturing process, the STACBOND composite panel undergoes rigorous testing and exhaustive internal and external quality controls, thanks to which it has obtained CE marking and EPD certification.

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