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GV Facades

Ventilated Porcelain Facade Systems

GV Facades specializes in the design and construction of ventilated facade systems, primarily using large-format porcelain panels. Their fabrication process is highly controlled to ensure top-quality standards. The porcelain panels, known for their versatility and durability, are suitable for various architectural styles and climate conditions.


Ventilated facades are a multi-layer structural solution that enables "dry" installation of the covering elements. The steel load-bearing structure is anchored to the building wall with brackets and anchoring elements and enables the assembly of "independent" layers, which create a air gap between the wall and cladding. This gap provides effective natural ventilation which offers significant advantages in removing heat and moisture, thereby ensuring greater comfort and high energy efficient. The inclusion of a suitable insulation material, installed in the cavity, increases the facade system’s energy performance. In addition, ventilated walls tend to increase the reflection of external noise as the particular construction, ensuring a certain level of acoustic absorption.
Besides this technology enables to fully exploit the considerable aesthetic potential offered by exterior wall coverings. This allows to face the most demanding design challenges with no significant constraints on architects.

Advantages of Porcelain


Porcelain are virtually impervious to moisture, it absorbs less than 0.5% of water moisture. This means no problems about thermal expansion & contraction, freeze-thaw, or efflorescence issues. Porcelain cladding is ideal for any climate zones.


The high density and extreme low absorption rates of porcelain doesn't allow dirt or graffiti to stick to it. You don't need any protective coatings and you don't need any it's esistant to any kind of chemical cleaning agent. So your cladding is maintenance-free.


A truly durable and long lasting 100% natural material. Porcelain tiles do not give off any substances that are harmful to the environment and at the end of its use is totally recyclable.


The wide range of porcelain tile finishes allows you to achieve classic, modern, decorative or totally innovative looks. Whichever look you choose, the technical performance does not change.


Porcelain is a natural non-combustible material. It does not burn in contact with fire nor does it emit smoke or toxic substances when subjected to high temperatures.


Porcelain is lighter than many cladding for exterior surfaces. We use 6mm thickness for all facades, also skyscrapers.


GV Porcelain Systems

Explore the elegance and innovation of GV Facades Porcelain Systems, where modern engineering meets architectural beauty. Elevate your building's facade with our state-of-the-art mechanical and adhesive solutions, designed for impeccable aesthetics and performance.

GV Mechanical System (GVM)

This system developed by GV is used on buildings with particular load resistance requirements and in particular situations. It offers a mechanical hanging system ensuring a clean and innovative look of the facade. Engineering evolution and development have made GVM the most advanced system in terms of fastening and anchoring for high-end projects.

GV Adhesive System (GVA)

This system developed by GV gives to the facade a refined modern look with a strong impact of the aesthetic of the building. This method allow us to apply various porcelain tiles format. Porcelain gives us almost infinite solutions in terms of design and offer to the building an important energy improvement.

Our Process

Exceptional Quality

Kick Off Meeting: We strive to make sure we get your design intent for performance and aesthetics aspects.

Laser Survey & Drone Flight: We carry out a detailed survey of the building through the use of laser and drones for a punctual 3D restitution.

Concept Design: We prepare a preliminary proposal with a 3D model, renderings and video. We select textures and dimensions for your coating.

Panel Layout: Creation of the panel layout with waste optimization both for tiles, aluminium trims and GVA/GVM profiles.

Estimate & Specific Costs: We provide a detailed cost analysis for all your realization. Quotation both for materials and installation.

Details & Shop Drawings: We put our technical knowledge at your service to identify and engineering all the details for the installation of the coating system.

Manufacturing: By controlling all aspects of the fabrication process, we ensure not only the highest quality standards but also minimize potential problems.

Delivery & Installation: Trained workers deliver and install superior products, consistently and on time. The best system without proper installation is worthless.

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