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Fiberglass Girt System

Attain exceptional performance through our broad selection of sizes, straightforward installation process, outstanding strength, hidden aesthetic features, and flexible design options. Rely on exoGIRT for effective, thoroughly tested, and dependable sub-framing solutions that enhance energy efficiency and improve project results.

Why ExoGIRT?

ExoGIRT stands out in the construction industry due to its remarkable combination of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic versatility. Engineered to provide best-in-class strength, it can withstand extreme bending, screw pull-out, and other stresses, which is essential for the structural integrity of buildings. Its innovative design aids in achieving improved energy efficiency by contributing to thermal envelope performance. This not only reduces heat loss and enhances overall energy performance but also minimizes thermal bridging, effectively eliminating heat transfer. Moreover, ExoGIRT offers a seamless appearance, granting architects and builders the flexibility to design with varying orientations and visibility options for girts, thus allowing for a high degree of customization without compromising on functionality. Whether it’s through facilitating easier installation due to installer-friendly features or ensuring safety and reliability with rigorous testing standards, ExoGIRT proves to be a forward-thinking solution for modern construction needs.

The ExoGIRT System

ExoGIRT installation is a critical process that determines the efficacy and durability of a building's cladding system. This procedure, while adaptable to specific project requirements, must adhere to general guidelines to ensure the structural integrity and performance of the installed system. Prior to installation, it is imperative to verify that the Weather Resistant Barrier (WRB) is properly installed and that the exterior sheathing is prepared for girt application, marking any uneven areas for necessary adjustments. ExoGIRT can be installed in various orientations—horizontally, vertically, or as clips—catering to the needs of the project while maintaining gaps of 3/16” or 1/8” between girts, respectively, for expansion and contraction.

The unique design of exoGIRT securely holds insulation in place, optimizing thermal performance without the need for routing, making it particularly suitable for staged installations alongside rigid insulation. The use of a minimum of 1/4” or #12 self-drilling fasteners, spaced at no more than 16 inches apart, is recommended to affix the exoGIRT to the underlying structure and to fasten the framing to the girt itself. It is crucial to avoid over-torquing the fasteners by using a drill with an adjustable clutch rather than hammer drills or impact drivers, ensuring that the threads are seated correctly without compromising the material. This attention to detail during installation not only guarantees compliance with safety standards but also upholds the manufacturer's promise of a reliable and efficient cladding support system.

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