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Wood-Plastic Composite Cladding

Geolam's wood composite technology, developed through a patented process, expertly replicates the warmth and aesthetic appeal of natural wood while offering an exceptional level of durability and minimal maintenance. This advanced wood polypropylene composite material is not only fade-resistant but also capable of withstanding extreme climates, making it ideal for a variety of architectural applications including façades, sunshades, rainscreens, cladding, soffits, and decking. With over 500 successful installations across North America, Geolam has demonstrated its adaptability and strength, outperforming natural wood in both longevity and stability.

Why Geolam?

Geolam stands out in the market for its innovative wood polypropylene composite technology, which offers the natural beauty of wood without the high maintenance. Its competitive advantage lies in the product's durability, fade resistance, and ease of installation, making it a top choice for architects and builders. Geolam's commitment to quality is demonstrated through its 35-year track record and its ability to provide custom solutions, such as lengths, colors, and curves, to meet specific project needs. Furthermore, Geolam's direct sales approach and flat organizational structure allow for transparent pricing and direct access to decision-makers, ensuring a seamless customer experience. This unique combination of product innovation, customer-focused service, and proven reliability establishes Geolam as a leader in the exterior building materials market.

The Geolam System

Geolam's wood-plastic composite technology, patented in Japan in the 1990s, achieves a groundbreaking feat by drying wood fibers to 0% moisture content before compounding them with recycled plastics and additives like compatibilizers and pigments. This results in a fully integrated composite that is dimensionally stable and structurally superior to traditional wood-plastic composites, effectively bonding to mimic natural wood's appearance. Enhanced by hybrid technology that combines light, stable aluminum with a copolymer resin and a protective outer layer, Geolam products offer a unique flexibility in design, are lighter, more stable, and can be molded into various radii, surpassing traditional materials in both aesthetics and performance.


Design Capabilities

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