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The f(x) team are manufacturers representatives providing a wide range of materials and solutions to meet the needs of complex projects. We're engaged from initial design, through fabrication and delivery to help ensure success for all stakeholders.   We’re proud to have partnerships with some of the best manufacturers in our industry.



Air Barrier


With a wider temperature range for application and longer UV resistance than any other products available, our membranes and tapes also help you extend your building season. They’re designed to work seamlessly on even the hardest jobs, which means faster installation, less labor, and better results.


SIS Sheathing


As with any system, there are materials and pieces required to fully execute the assembly at it maximum potential. As MaxLife has fully tested our assemblies with the final project in mind, MaxLife provides the accessories required to complete the toughest of jobs. For further explanation and detailing we encourage you to access the downloads sections.

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Fiber Cement


Our Rainscreen Exterior Siding System improves construction projects at every stage, from your design workflow, through construction.

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Aluminum Cladding


Using our unique technology, we have recently introduced a suite of ground-breaking new materials made of Cellular PVC. You’ll swear it’s wood…well it’s even better!

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FRP Girt System


This all-FRP (fiberglass) pultruded composite uses a custom fire-retardant resin system and unique laminate design to offer superior pull out strength, excellent thermal efficiency.

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Stone Veneer


GammaStone AIR panels are extremely lightweight and have very high resistance to impact, flexion, and compression from the use of innovative materials in the aerospace industry. GammaStone AIR panels represent a state-of-the-art solution that guarantees highperformance standards and unparalleled aesthetic beauty.

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We enable people to create buildings making strong impressions, which are
in harmony with their surroundings and help protect the environment.


UHPC Panels


Petrarch reconstituted stone panels, a visually stunning façade solution which simulates the color and texture of natural stone, slate or terracotta.

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Porcelain veneer ventilated walls, create beautiful, rich and functional rainscreen systems.  Large format or smaller tiles, with custom textures.