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The word superior is defined as higher in rank, status, or quality. It is a word that can’t be given, it must be earned. Each day, Superior Aluminum Decks & Railings works to meet the standards associated with the word superior by delivering high-end aluminum deck and railing solutions to owners, contractors, and installers.


Why Superior Decks?



They manufacture their aluminum products with heavy-duty tubes and these special extrusions allow for a long-lasting system that spans over a considerably larger area. 

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The aluminum deck systems are not welded. Instead, they are mechanically fastened using nuts, bolts and screws to allow for easy field modifications.

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Color Selection

They offer three standard colors, as well as a wide variety of custom color options for our aluminum deck and railing systems to meet any multi-family application.

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On Time Delivery

Deck systems are assembled, stored, and ready to ship within 90 days of contract. To ensure no project setbacks, our manufacturing facility has dedicated space to store 2,000+ decks.

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Decks are packaged with order of installation in mind. Each deck is clearly marked to ensure minimal sorting and assembly time.


Engineered for high volume applications, Superior Aluminum Decks & Railings provides high-grade aluminum deck and railing solutions that meet the quality standards and safety demands of today’s multi-family residences.

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