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A self-learning software platform that detects and classifies visible damage to structures and materials. T2D2 applies the latest advances in AI – specifically, deep learning for computer vision – to detect and localize damage by analyzing inspection images.

Image & Video Acquisition

You fly or they fly. Work with a T2D2 exterior inspection specialist to determine our range of data capture options, including uploading your own data or using our network of data capture specialists. Imagery can be captured using mobile devices, cameras, drones and more.

Classification Filter

T2D2 identifies structural and nonstructural elements, determines the structural proximity and classifies all materials.

Damaged Brick.jpeg
Damage Detection

T2D2 automatically processes images and videos to detect visible damage and defects – such as cracks, spalls, corrosion, and more.

Assessment Reporting

T2D2 generates an assessment report that includes a summary of all the damage found and provides images with annotations.

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