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CLADIATOR is a manufacturer of structural and non-structural attachment systems for interior & exterior cladding and temporary panel applications. Their mission is to accelerate the advancement of smart building design & construction by providing unique and cleverly engineered systems. This “smart-track” system also offers improved thermal efficiencies for rainscreen/continuous insulation applications and advanced structural support using long-lasting globally responsible materials.

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Why Cladiator?


High Thermal Performance

Third-party tested – 91% thermal efficiency. Efficient thermal break achieved with polyamide clips. 

Accommodates 2”- 8” of insulation.

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Increased Stability Behind Panels

Helps prevent oil canning deformation over time, specifically for thinner panel formats.

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Integrates with all Cladding Materials

Terracotta, Stone, Brick, Ceramic, Fiber Cement, ACM, Composite, Zinc etc.

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Finishing Accessories

Address termination points for corners, windows & doors. Corners can be properly supported - including a wide range of acute and obtuse angles.

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Measurement & Leveling Icon_edited.png

Universal Installation & Accuracy to Design

Horizontal AND/OR Vertical with integrated install measurements, leveling and minute adjusting capability.



Custom track lengths and system depths available.
Black Anodized or Silver Aluminum.

CL 300 - Diagram.PNG
CL 300

Z-Girt with Insulation Securement

  • Advancement in thermal performance.

  • Secure insulation faster than ever before using the insulation securement slots and ROCKETStick

Slotted - Z

Thermally Isolated Adjustable Cladding Support System

  • Can bear the weight of any cladding material.

  • Integrated horizontal and vertical components deliver multi-point panel attachment on the same plane.

  • Easy and quick to install.

Slotted Z - Rocket Stick Diagram.PNG
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