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Heavy works closely with architects, artists, developers and contractors to plan and build world-class art, architecture, and placemaking experiences. By sharing their highly specialized knowledge and decades of industry experience, Heavy ignites bold thinking and amplifies the creative process.

Why Heavy?

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How they find simple, elegant solutions to unique, complex problems, is by bringing artists, architects and developers together with their team of visionaries, fabricators, and project managers.

The Heavy Way drives us to ask the right questions and get the big ideas on the table. They’re always asking “why” — it helps uncover blind spots, encourage big thinking, and add feasibility to creative ideas.

Asking these questions drives the process, and leads to bringing the right people to the table at the right time. Over 15 years and 1000 projects has given Heavy the collective insight and experience to know who they need to call on, when — whether it’s a strategist, project manager, fabricator, or installer.

Plan - Build
from inception to completion, heavy enhances your idea refinement to improve the project in every respect. 


Provide Architects with the tools to develop and execute their boldest ideas without compromise.


Deliver synapse sizzling pieces for Developers who are committed to leaving a legacy in the communities in which they do business.

Construction Manager

Collaborate with diverse CM teams to provide predictability and transparency throughout the execution of complex, integrated features.


Collaborate with Artists, working cross functionally to help preserve their original vision throughout the life of a project.


Engineer value into the initial concept for Designers, building excitement throughout the entire process.

General Contractor

Heavy's team provides turnkey solutions to complex construction challenges to mitigate risk and ensure coordination of multiple scopes.

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Mixed Material Integration

Heavy specializes in projects with mixed materials and a high degree of fit and finish. From aluminum to stainless steel, polycarbonate to glass, concrete and beyond; we have a passion for pushing the limits of what’s possible with new and conventional materials.

Steel, including stainless and weathering

Their portfolio features a wide array of steel applications, including plain carbon (mild steel), weathering steel (also known as Corten), and many grades of stainless steel. The steel of choice is always projects specific.

Concrete, including Cloudcrete Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

Cloudcrete  GFRC  (glass-fiber  reinforced concrete)    is    a  versatile,  lightweight  design solution, tailored for designers looking to achieve freedom with  complex,  organic  shapes  via  a  durable, controlled  concrete building  material.

Fiberglass & Composites

FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) is a composite material containing a curated combination of polymer resin and interwoven chopped glass fiber strands to create one of the most durable pound-for-pound applications at Heavy’s disposal.

Soft & hardwoods

Whether a feature requires durable, water-resistant material such as Ipê or the natural, raw aesthetic of Douglas Fir, Heavy has the knowhow to integrate the right species of wood into your creative feature.

Glass products

From including tempered glass, mirror finish, to dichroic, incorporating glass products can elevate a placemaking experience to the next level by leveraging light refraction and reflection to it’s fullest extent.

Coatings, including blackened steel and aluminum

Through extensive R&D, Heavy has created procedures to obtain consistent and repeatable finishes for a wide variety of aesthetic and operational situations.

Polycarbonate, acrylic and other plastics

Our Project Development and Design teams are well suited to ensure highly specialized plastic products are accurately modeled in 3D and incorporated into our overall assembly models to ensure proper fit, clearances, and aesthetic requirements.

Aluminum, brass, bronze and other metals

Heavy has completed a vast array of projects leveraging the unique properties of aluminum alloy, brass, bronze and other metals. Their experience with a wide variety of non-ferrous metals informs their approach and allows them the freedom to select the right material for the job.

Solid surfaces

Heavy’s portfolio includes several projects featuring the use of versatile solid surface products, including Avonite, Corian, and Staron. These products can be manipulated through heat-forming techniques and are easily cut manually or by CNC automated tooling.

Lighting integration, controls, and programming

From simple on/off systems to custom interactive lighting control schemes that respond to people and the environment, we work closely with lighting experts to develop and implement the right lighting scheme to properly accent each placemaking feature.

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Heavy lives at the corner of bold and remarkable, delivering placemaking experiences that inspire people to gather and interact with each other and their environment.

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