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High Density Fibre Cement 

KØL specializes in high-density fiber cement products for the construction and architectural sectors. Their products, known for non-combustibility, strength, durability, low maintenance, and versatility, are ideal for rainscreen cladding and ventilated façade systems. KØL's offerings are designed to meet rigorous safety and performance standards, ensuring longevity and structural integrity in various environments.

Why KØL?

KØL stands at the forefront of providing premium high-density fiber cement solutions, serving the construction and architectural sectors. Our fiber cement products are crafted using advanced technology and high-quality materials, establishing them as a preferred option for builders, architects, and homeowners. KØL empowers you to bring your designs to life, offering numerous benefits through our exceptional products.

Our KØL panels come with a range of advantages, setting them apart in the architectural field. Designed specifically for rainscreen cladding and ventilated façade systems, KØL high-density fiber cement panels are the ideal choice due to their superior strength and longevity. This ensures they provide consistent, reliable protection against environmental factors, cementing their place as a top selection for architectural needs.


Design Options

KØL Colors

Fiber cement panels are designed to showcase the inherent beauty and matte texture of cement. Each panel has subtle variations in color and pigment, creating a dynamic tonality and texture that adds depth and visual interest to architectural projects.

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KØL Textures

KØL is available in a variety of specialty finishes. Embrace the endless possibilities that KØL's specialty finishes offer and elevate your architectural vision.

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KØL Panel Dimensions

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Product Highlight: Skala

SKALA High-Density Fiber Cement panels bring the characteristic performance of KØL panels in a standardized shingle format. With the code-compliant fire-resistant properties of KØL panels, SKALA can be used on large-scale commercial facades, while the manageable size and simple installation allow handling by a contractor or homeowner on a residence without the need for additional painting or sealing.


Skala Texture

The Smooth texture of SKALA panels provides a consistently even and sleek surface. The finish features subtle, natural color variations, ensuring distinctiveness in each panel. This individual variation introduces a naturally diverse and dynamic appearance to the overall aesthetic.

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Skala Colors

SKALA panels are available in four standard colors: Telegrey, Zinc, Slate, and Natural. Panels are through-colored for consistent hue. Subtle color variations enhance their natural look, while a hydrophobic coating ensures long-lasting color vibrancy, ideal for durable facades.






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